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Resolution of unable to print from Internet Explorer TAGS: | | | Author: Arnold Smith Internet Explorer is one of the most used Web browsers till today. Even if it is built with quality structure and often Microsoft releases updates to plug …Continue reading →

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What is an AMR file and how to play it? TAGS: | | | | | If you recorded a conversation or a lecture using your mobile phone (actually not a smart one) usually it will be saved in AMR format. By default windows cannot play …Continue reading →

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Useful tips to improve your tablet pc’s ability TAGS: | | | Author: John graham After the great success of ipad, people have already started to manufacture cheap table pc or tablet computer which work same as ipad but at cheap price. …Continue reading →


How to enjoy remixes found on youtube on any MP3 device? TAGS: | | | | | | Lots of very interesting remixes are found on YouTube, Metacafe, Google videos and other online video sites. The problem is a lot of these tracks are done by amateurs and …Continue reading →


Speeding up the performance of Windows Vista TAGS: | | | | Author: herrywillson Windows Vista is one of the good Operating Systems released from Microsoft. Till today, it has maintained its existence in both home and business environment. It was launched …Continue reading →


Welcome TAGS: | | | | | | | UltimatumZ is a website that contains all software developed by EIPC (Egyptian International Programming Center). Currently, EIPC is focusing on developing free software tools, games and screensavers. Software tools availble …Continue reading →