Resolution of unable to print from Internet Explorer

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Author: Arnold Smith
Internet Explorer is one of the most used Web browsers till today. Even if it is built with quality structure and often Microsoft releases updates to plug its loopholes still the users face technical issues with it. Sometimes they found no printing from IE whereas other programs are printing the pages. If you are also facing the printing issues with MSIE, then you are welcome at this article. Here we will illustrate the steps to fix this problem.
Disclaimer:We don’t take responsibility and guarantee of the results after performing the below mentioned steps. This is because the result solely depends upon the way how a user performs any technical step. If you are not technical enough then contact Online Microsoft Help to get your issue resolved.Exact Issue with IEThe user is not able to print or print preview of any Web page in the Internet Explorer. Printer is working fine with other programs.

Resolution Steps

If you are using a Canon printer and getting an error while using printer from MS IE, then download the latest hotfix for this problem from microsoft. Else continue with the below mentioned methods.

Method 1

Some user accounts don’t have permission to print the documents. Perform below steps to fix this problem,

1. Go to the Start Menu, do a click on All Programs, and do a right click on ‘Internet Explorer’.

2. You have to select the option ‘Run as administrator’ in the context menu.

3. Enter the credentials of Administrator user, if prompted.

4. Try to have print preview and then print a Web page in IE.

If you are still getting this problem then continue with the steps mentioned in following methods.

Method 2

The IE 7, 8, and 9 has a new feature named ‘Protected Mode’. Disable this mode with following steps,

1. Launch the MS IE.

2. Go to the Tools Menu and click Internet Options.

TIP: One can also open this from Control Panel > Internet Options.

3. Go to the Security Tab and clear the checkbox titled, ‘Enable Protected Mode’.

4. Restart it.

Try to take a printout from the MS IE. If it doesn’t work then proceed with following steps.

Method 3

Temporary Folder of the Windows User account has a folder named ‘Low’. The printing issues with Internet Explorer also occur when this folder is missing. Perform below steps to create it,

1. Go to the Start Menu and click on ‘Run’.

2. Type %temp% and press the Enter key.

3. Check for ‘Low’ folder. If it is present then continue with the next method else create a new blank folder named ‘Low’.

4. Close the Windows Explorer.

Check MS IE is printing the documents now. Continue with below steps if you still face this problem.

Method 4

Perform below steps to reset the low integrity of Low folder,

1. Go to the Start Menu -> All Programs -> Accessories; right click on the Command Prompt.

2. You have to select the option ‘Run as Administrator’. Enter the login credentials for administrator user, if required.

3. Paste the below command and press Enter key.

ICACLS %temp%\Low /setintegritylevel (OI)(CI)low

Now, we hope that Internet Explorer will work fine to print the documents. If you still face this problem or need assistance in performing these steps, then contact Online Microsoft Help.

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