Useful tips to improve your tablet pc’s ability

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Author: John graham
After the great success of ipad, people have already started to manufacture cheap table pc or tablet computer which work same as ipad but at cheap price. They are so attractive and affordable that anyone can buy it. Tablet PC’s are available in the market with operating systems like Google android, Windows CE etc.

For those who are going to buy one, please consider the following factors of the Tablet PC’s:

Usually people don’t have to read menu before operating the tablet pc. It is all by intuition and nearly no need to learn. It can be easily used with the fingers. Some people even buy the tablet pc for their little child to read digital story book and play interactive games.

Stay connected to the web in everywhere and browses comfort on a well fit screen. The tablet pc is very portable because of its weight and size. It also gives battery backup till 8-10 hrs. Tablet Pc’s provide battery backup more than laptop, so they are used widely all around the world.

1) Processors used in tablet pc play an important role in the performance of tablet pc. You should consider the processor while buying a new tablet pc. If you buy a low speed processor then it will hang your system and won’t give you optimum performance.

2) Typing large documents with a touchscreen will waste your time instead a virtual keyboard can be used with the touchscreen. It is still not as comfortable as using a real keyboard but it can save your time.

3) Not suitable for using long hours. The power will be eaten up quickly if we do not do any optimization for its default setting. Playing games and watching movies will consume the power very rapidly.

Tips to improve performance of your tablet pc:

Use external real keyboard and holding rack when you are doing typing job. There are some lightweight small keyboards in the market can be put into a tablet pc bag. If you do a typing job, you can use that to improve the typing experience.

Switch off useless services such as wifi, Bluetooth, GPS location service. They will waste a lot of power. For example, if you are just using Google doc to edit your work document at the same time the GPS function may not give you any value at that period. Adjust the screen to a suitable brightness level. The default setting of the tablet pc may be a bit brighter than what you need. We can save power by adjusting that down to a suitable level.

If you are using remote desktop software to connect to your pc at home or at office, this allows you to make use of a higher CPU with your tablet pc. As long as your internet connection is stable and secure, you can do all the stuff just like you are seating at home or at the office.

Making use of the cloud technology: There are many online services nowadays to replace traditional PC programs. They are using cloud technology and that means they are not using the CPU power of your PC but instead they are using the power of their server.

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4 Responses to “Useful tips to improve your tablet pc’s ability”

  1. Nataly says:

    i’ve been thinking about bunyig one, but one main reason would be to check my evony account. could you try loading it please, its a flash browser game i would like to know if or how it runs. it would be most appreciated.

  2. Hotcandy says:

    Besides iPad more and more tablet released, and the price is much cheaper than ipad, so many people can afford to buy one. The processor and operating system is much important for an tablet.just like ipad and other tablet.

  3. Hotcandy says:

    Correct tip will helpful use tablet,whatever appearance or applications.

  4. Hotcandy says:

    Great Tips for improve tablet pc,useful

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